Journey of NaiTsa

How to be member IIWC:
  1. Indonesian or Non-Indonesian (at least already in Indonesia for 1 year)
  2. In age of 15-18 years old as teenager and minimum 18 years old as adult member
  3. Fill in member application form (to get Member Application Form, please click Member Application Form or you can contact
  4. Copy of ID Card (KTP/Passport)
  5. Pay membership fee: Rp. 50.000,00 for 1 year to: bank of BNI (Cab. Imam Bardjo Semarang), Account Name: PKBI Jateng, Account Number: 0033664601
  6. Then please scan the proof of transfer and send it with member application form and copy ID Card to:
  7. Or just come to IIWC office: 1st floor PKBI Central Java Building, Jl. Jembawan Raya No. 8 Semarang, Central Java – 50145 Indonesia. Telp. (024) 7603503 Fax. (024) 7601989
Obligation and Rights of the IIWC Member Card Holder
  1. Pay the membership fee based on the validity of the year and decided amount, IDR 50.000, – for 1 year membership. The next year is able to be extended.
  2. Fully responsible with all actions taken on behalf of Indonesia International Work Camp
  3. Make official statement in case of withdrawal of the membership within IIWC
  1. Attend and follow any activities hold by IIWC
  2. Get necessary information about the activities and financial situation of the organization
  3. Propose any possible partnership and activities with IIWC
  4. Vote and to be voted as the part of the Board
  5. Selecting and elected as the General Election IIWC
  6. Free join capacity building member IIWC
  7. Being Contact Person for Foreign Volunteer in Indonesia
  8. Being Camp leader in International Work Camp Project
  9. Being Person in Charge for IIWC’s evens
  10. Free join in IIWC’s trainings
  11. Selecting and elected as representative of IIWC in abroad activities
We will give you confirmation email that you are accepted to be IIWC member after you send all of the requirements to be IIWC member. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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